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Meet Our Owner

Jasmine E. Young, DrPH, CCC-SLP is a native of Birmingham, Alabama and has spent the last 18 years in practice as a medical speech-language pathologist. Jasmine is a proud Alabama A&M University Bulldog where she earned her Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science degrees from 1998-2004. After graduating, she began working with a local rehabilitation company and maximized on all opportunities that were afforded to her. Her experiences run the gamut from pediatric to adult populations/ skilled nursing to acute care, university teaching/university clinic (online teaching-synchronous and asynchronous), and several specialties in between (to include FEES provider). 

Jasmine has an earned clinical doctorate in Public Health from Capella University where her research focused on speech-language pathology practices during COVID-19. There have been many opportunities to merge her love for speech-language pathology and public health. Educating families and practitioners related to effective communication strategies, swallowing and voice disorders, as well as professional communication strategies have been top of the priority for this private practice. Dr. Young sees the need for education and advocacy for all people. 

Our Mission

Community Therapy Speech-Language Pathology, LLC was created to bridge the gap between communication breakdowns and healthcare access. We specialize in using strategies that are proven to improve care for clients and their families while educating other practitioners that provide care for them. Community Therapy Speech-Language Pathology, LLC offers direct and indirect services in the areas of prevention, education, related to advocacy for communication, swallowing, and voice needs. Our practice has a wide focus for the betterment of those we serve. 

All Services

Services from Community Therapy Speech-Language Pathology, LLC include some of the following: 

Consultant and Professional Services 

Support and Training for Families

(For Parents and Family Caregivers)

Starting at $100/2 hours

This service provides support and training for families who care for someone with swallowing/feeding, communication or cognitive difficulty. Each session would provide strategies and techniques on providing care for behaviors or ways to understand their family's needs for effective carry over of trained strategies.

This service can be for caregivers/guardians of children or adults.

Practitioner Training 

(For Groups)

Starting at $500

This training is for Healthcare company owners in need of specialty training for aides, caregivers, or other health practitioners. We provide clear teaching on specific cognitive, communication, and swallowing disorders, as well as techniques for deescalating situations, strategies for patient interactions, and ways to improve engagement. Each participant will walk away with ways to determine the needs of patients and information that assists them to provide the best care for those they serve. This service can be customized to fit the needs of the healthcare service.

Professional Voice User Package

(For 3 Months)

Starting at $500

This package is for the professional voice user who is ready to improve vocal habits to increase vocal longevity. This is not for clients with voice difficulty, but for those who would like to prevent voice difficulty. 

Professional Communication Package 

(For 3 months)

Starting at $850

This package is for our professional communication clients who want to improve how they communicate in professional environments. This package is for 3 months of services 1 time per week with weekly check-ins.